Monday, May 25, 2009

Wants and Needs

Materialistic things I want:

~ An Amazon Kindle. The new one. But I want it to be able to work all over, not just in the States since I travel.

~ Ugg brand Ugg boots. They are the best Uggies man. So comfy and warm. I have a pink pair but left them at my other home.

~ Tiramisu cake. But before that I want to feat on Argentinian Beef. And salad.

~ A Harp. Really want to learn to play the Harp. Would be an awesome thing to say to people "I'm a musician, I play the Harp"

~ A glass of wine.

Non Materialistic Things I want:

~I want to be able to fall asleep holding my mans hand and to wake up next to him in the morning. Everyday. I want both of us to die of old age together at the same time. I want our lives to be full of happiness, nature, peace, lots of babies and above all else LOVE.I want to be in the same room as him.I want to be in the same house as him.I want to be in the same city as him.I want to be in the same State as him.I want to be in the same Country as him.I want to be in the same Continent as him.

~ I want my Mom to realise that she is beautiful. In turn I want her to allow us to take photos of her. I like photos. I like my Mom. I think she is beautiful.

~ I want all the wars to stop. They are just plain stupid.

~ I really want to open a letter from the Air Force with them offering me the position that I want.

~ I want my Dad to never die. He is the best man I know. Iggy is a very close second. I don't know what I would do without my Dad here.

~ I want my girls to be strong and follow their dreams. Not to compromise with the partners. Be secure to do things because they can do anything.

~ I want my dog. She is with her Daddy. I miss cuddling in bed with her in the mornings while Iggy is in the shower.


~ I need to get super fit and healthy.

~ I need new layers cut into my hair and re-coloured.

~ I need to stop smoking cigarettes.

~ I need help with studying and support.

~ I need a cuddle.

~ I need to finish Pearls birthday presents

My eyes are open, Aune

P.S. I got this idea from reading Pastor Ryans blog. If I knew how to link it I would. Someone else, Emily, did this before me on her blog, again if I knew how to link I would, which influenced me to do it on mine!

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  1. Thanks for the comments! I saw your comments when I went to do a (very belated) post about last week (one that will have to wait until tomorrow!

    Congrats, you just got bookmarked as well!